Mimosa Strain

Mimosa strain – Sativa Dominant Hybrid (indoor)



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Mimosa is a delicious weed. It often makes you hungry so don’t forget to eat. It helps with chronic pain so it’s good for people who have arthritis or fibromyalgia.


Mimosa is a type of drink. It is orange juice mixed with champagne. But some people are also using the word to talk about cannabis that they buy at a store. If you want to get more of this type of weed, then you need to go into a store and see if they have it there for sale.


Mimosa weed has a dry mouth side effect. People who smoke this weed rate it a ten on a scale of one to ten in severity. Dry eyes are the next highest rated side effect, but is much rarer cases some people feel anxious, dizzy, and have mild bouts of paranoia when smoking Mimosa weed.

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