Big Foot Strain

Big Foot strain – Sativa Dominant Hybrid (indoor)



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Big Foot is a type of plant. The plant has hybrid vigor (can grow fast) and it flowers quickly. The plants can produce up to 500 to 650 grams per square meter in an 8-week flowering period. Big Foot is good for indoor growing but not for outdoor growing because if the weather isn’t right, the plants will die.


Outdoor plants grown in the great outdoors may produce more food for us to eat because there are different conditions outside than inside. Sometimes, it can be difficult to grow plants indoors. But if you build the soil with good coverage over it, this might not be a problem anymore. The food that crops outside have is more because of where they are being grown. This includes marijuana which grows better outdoors and harvests at different times depending on where you live.


Big Foot smells sweet and fruity with spicy notes. It is a medium-strength strain and will make you feel euphoric and relaxed when smoked.

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