Pink Lemonade Strain

Pink Lemonade strain – Indica Dominant Hybrid (indoor)



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The Pink Lemonade strain is a type of weed with a very summery flavor. It was made from crossing the Purple Kush and Lemon Skunk strains. The Pink Lemonade strain can be used to help many problems, such as nausea or stomach issues.


Pink Lemonade has a lot of THC. The average is 13%. But with Pink Lemonade, you can have 17-22%. This is why it can make you feel cloudy or dreamy. It’s also one of the reasons people like it because this is how they fall asleep.


Pink Lemonade is a type of weed that can help with a lot of different conditions. It helps people who have pain and headaches, and also people who have long-term illnesses. The weed gives you relief from any type of pain, and it makes you feel good too.

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