How To Roll A Joint

Published: July 16, 2022

There’s plenty of ways to enjoy your weed. However, smoking a joint remains amongst the most popular ways for people to get high. After all, there’s always that social part of sharing a joint with your friends. Other people even enjoy smoking their joint as an alternative to smoking tobacco. However, to truly enjoy smoking weed, you have to learn how to roll a joint. Here is a foolproof guide that shares the right way to do so.

What Is A Joint?

A joint refers to cannabis rolled in a wrapper for smoking. Typically, a dry herb flower is first ground and then rolled in special wrappers to resemble a cigarette before smoking it. Typically, you can roll a weed joint. However, you can also find dispensaries and vendors offering pre-rolls, simply joints pre-rolled before sale.

For some people, smoking a joint is an alternative to cigarette smoking, which increases the risk of cancer and tuberculosis. Nonetheless, you can still find people who smoke a joint containing both cannabis and tobacco, whether to slowly transition to cannabis wholly or simply for fun. A joint that has cannabis and tobacco is known as a spliff.

Additionally, you can hollow out a cigar and fill it with ground cannabis to make a blunt. Alternatively, you can make a blunt by rolling ground cannabis in a heavier and dark tobacco rolling paper, typically used for cigars.

What You’ll Need to Roll the Perfect Joint


Here’s what you will need to roll the perfect joint;

  • Cannabis, depending on how much you will need, set aside at least a gram.
  • Grinder.
  • Rolling tray.
  • Rolling paper.
  • Filter or material for making a filter.
  • Chopstick, skewer stick, or pen.

How Much Weed Is In A Joint?

The amount of weed in a joint entirely depends on your preferences and tolerance. On average, a joint contains anywhere between 0.32 and 1 gram of weed. Thus, from a gram of weed, you can produce one to three joints.

Before you roll your joint, you have to consider several factors to help you decide how much weed you want in your joint. These include the smoking style, the density of your weed, paper size, and of course, and your tolerance level. But, let’s be real! No way has the time to start whipping out a scale every time they roll a joint to figure out how much weed they add.

Therefore, instead of focusing on the metrics, focus on the actual rolling of the joint. To make sure you have added the right amount of weed, simply make sure you’ve rolled the perfect joint. First, make sure you adequately grind your herb, as this will ensure you add the right amount to your joint.

If you don’t grind your flower thoroughly, your joint will burn unevenly during smoking. However, you also don’t want to overdo it. You want your joint to continue lighting continuously. Therefore, if you notice it burns out quickly and constantly, you may have just overground your weed. This also means that you will have added more weed than needed to the joint.

However, if the rolling craft is a little too cumbersome for you, you can, of course, go for prerolls. The vendor or cannabis dispensary will always disclose to you how much weed is added to their prerolls.

How To Roll A Joint

Here’s how to roll the perfect joint;

Step 1: Grind the Dry Herb

The first step is to grind your dry herb. A special grinder is used because it produces the perfect and consistent size and texture. In turn, when you smoke, the weed feels smoother. However, if you don’t have access to a grinder, you can always work on the dry herb using your hands. However, you have to remove the seeds and stems gently to prevent damaging the trichomes.

Step 2: Make the Filter

The next step is to make the filter or crutch. You can choose to invest in a premade store-bought crutch or make one yourself. When rolling a joint, adding a crutch helps to promote better airflow and prevents the joint from burning your lips as small hot bits of weed may come in contact with your mouth.

To make your own filter, take a thick piece of paper such as a matchbox, old business card, or card stock and cut it into a rectangle shape about half to three-quarters of an inch wide. Fold it in an accordion style and wrap the last part around the accordion-shaped part.

Step 3: Load the Joint

Place the rolling paper on a rolling tray, positioning the adhesive part away. Place the filter on the side you expect to be the mouthpiece and start to slowly sprinkle marijuana around the filter area, working your way along the entire joint. However, make sure you don’t overfill your joint. If you want, you can also roll a cone-shaped joint by sprinkling less weed towards the mouthpiece and slightly increasing the amount as you move away from it.

Step 4: Roll the Joint

Lastly, roll the joint. To do so, pinch the paper with the weed into a taco shape using your thumbs and index finger. Start rolling the paper from the non-adhesive part and roll the joint into a cylindrical shape. Tuck the non-adhesive side over the weed and roll it towards the sticky side of the paper. You should expect some flowers to fall off. But, this shouldn’t be an issue. You can very easily stuff in the flowers later. However, as you roll the joint, make sure it isn’t too tight or loose to compromise the airflow.  Finally, lick the adhesive side to seal the joint. After sealing it, use the chopstick, skewer, or pen to stick in any lingering flower or that has fallen off and twist the tip of the joint to seal it shut.